AceCrew Vibration Switch
AceCrew Vibration Switch
AceCrew Vibration Switch

Non-Directional Vibration Sensor Switches x 20 Pieces

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Product Description:

20 pieces of high sensitivity, non-directional vibration sensor switches, rated at 10mA, 12V, AC/DC.


  • Rated 10mA, 12V, AC/DC
  • Gold Plated Rod and Spring: Activated by Vibrations, Non-Directional (can be mounted in any direction)
  • Dimension: 
    • Switch Length: 22mm (7/8")
    • Switch Diameter: 4.5mm (3/16")
    • Lead Length: 10mm & 12mm (3/8" & 1/2")

Please Note: Due to the short nature of contact time (in milliseconds), this sensor may not be tested with a multimeter.  If the multimeter does not show continuity, either by display or by audible, when the sensor is responding to vibrations, it does not mean the sensor is bad.  Please use more sensitive testing means, e.g. trigger circuit, oscilloscope, LED with high current, etc.


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